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What the heck is HANDY STUFF shareware?

Beyond the need for compatibility updates, this software has not been improved or changed since 1996.

As far as I know it works fine and causes no problems.  BUT use it at your own risk. I use it regularly and find it to be helpful.

The original intro follows:

Over the years I have written programs to help me with everyday office and personal things. There were no "Off The Shelf" solutions that were easy to use and did the job. 

So I have put them together into Handy Stuff. 

Below you will find descriptions of the modules and how to download the full version and the update.


LOAN and LEASE ANALYZER can be a personal tool to decide which mortgage, loan or lease is best for you or a business tool to give comparisons to potential customers. Handles residuals and buyouts for leases. Comparisons can be printed in total or by group. Either Principal, number of payments, interest rate, or payment can be found by entering the other three. 


Find the actual interest rate you are paying on your lease. 

Find how much you can borrow if you limit your payments to five hundred dollars a month. 

Make, maintain, and print an amortization of your mortgage, loan, or lease. 

Track extra payments made. 

Experiment with larger payments each month or changing the interest rate. 

MAIL LIST and ADDRESSES, maintain and track personal and business names, addresses, and phone numbers with birthdays, call back dates, and historical notes for each. Every entry can belong to multiple groups (Examples: christmas cards - relatives - friends - soccer team - business prospects - business customers - etc). With a modem you can auto dial phone numbers. Print lists and labels of all, or by a selected group. Make an export file to use with a word processor for a mail merge. 

CONVERSIONS, convert from unit to unit. Area, length, speed, temperature, time, volume and weight. So how many teaspoons are in a tablespoon anyway? 

REMINDERS, tickler, date sensitive reminders pop up when you load Handy Stuff and reminder is current, make new entries all day as you work. Don't forget: to return phone calls, to check up on that software you ordered, to get your car maintenance done, your dentist appointment (well ok, don't use it for that), and any other date you don't want to forget. 

These can be used as a single program or load each module in a separate window for fast switching between other programs. To prevent excessive use of Windows resources, each module shares the software engine that drives them all. 

Future additions will definitely include an inventory/depreciation/value/net worth program (gee, what to call that?) 

And hopefully one other. 

Then it will be a SIX PACK of HANDY STUFF!! 

Handy Stuff has always been sensitive to feedback and suggestions from users. Please, if you have an idea or suggestion for improving or adding on, let me know. 

Send email: clyder@pracsys.com
Phone: 843 838 9163

  What Handy Stuff costs.

Handy Stuff is shareware. You may try it for free. If you continue using it, you should pay for it.

The price is $15.00.

When you register (pay for it) you will be instructed on how to disable the nag screens, you will be entitled to unlimited support and we will keep you updated on future offerings and updates.

To register, print this invoice, enclose check or fill in credit card info and send it to Practical Systems.

  You can download Handy Stuff from here.

 (04/15/05 Last compatibility update.  v2.3) 

Handystuff23.exe is the latest version. It's 6.7mb.


Download the above file into a temporary folder.  To do this in Internet Explorer you right click on the above and select "Save Target As". Select your folder and "Save".

After the download is complete, start Windows Explorer, go to that folder, right click on Handystuff23.exe and select Open.  Extract into the same folder. This will extract Setup.exe which is the install program.

If you have an existing installation of Handy Stuff on your computer, copy all files with a DBF extension (Address2.dbf, etc) into a backup location. 

Right click on Setup.exe and select Open to start the installation.  The default folder will be \Program Files\Handystuff. 

Copy your original, if any, DBF files into the Handy Stuff folder and you're back in business. 

A shortcut will be created on your desktop and on the Start bar under Programs.

Handy Stuff Banner

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