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Photo Scanning, Editing and Graphics

  Practical Systems gives your photos IMPACT using scanners and graphics programs to meet your requirements.

Creating animated images and photos for your web page is easily accomplished.

The scans can be used for Windows desktop images, screen savers that display a group of photos, viewing on your computer, inclusion in documents, web pages, etc. You must tell us what you are going to do with them so we know how to format them.

You send your photos with instructions to us.

Instructions can be a copy of the photo with markings and descriptions of your requirements.

If the sizes allow, the scanned images can be sent to you via Email, (fastest) or on CD via snail mail (slow). Your original photos will be returned after your approval of the scans.

Usually we receive a mixed group of photos, most are a straight scan, which hardly takes any time at all, and then there are some that need enhancing. An average photo with a few adjustments or cropping takes approximately ten minutes.

How have you gotten by with those boring impersonal screen savers? Your old photos can be scanned and sized to be used as a screen saver for your computer.

Please print and fill out this form and send it along with your photos for quick and reliable service.

  Some examples of photos we have done that are dramatically improved over the originals.

These images are formatted for a 640 x 480 resolution on your screen. Viewing them in some browsers will actually cut off the top and bottom. The idea is to give you the impact that a full size image can have on your computer screen. You can save it to your computer and display it on your monitor alone with a viewer.

These images are in JPG format. Size of the files and speed of the download is why JPG is used here.

All of these have been modified, repaired, enhanced or enlarged. Sometimes all four. Some of these photos were almost trash because of age or just plain bad photography. Some of these were taken with cheap instant cameras 20 years ago.

From the past, approximately 46 years ago, this is a picture that had turned very red. Also the two boys were not centered in the photo and were small in relation to the full area. In short it was a photo that was not a pleasure to look at. A suspicious looking pair if I ever saw one. 79k

A picture of a butterfly that I like for my desktop image. 62k

This picture of my third (and unfortunately last) motorcycle  was taken with an instant camera 32 years ago, a 3" x 3" image which was so dark you could not see any details. 58k

An egret by a tidal creek. 64k

Forty-three years ago, she was only seven years old. 29k

Nothing like sisters all together at a wedding. 49k

The beach with a storm rolling in. 79k

One of our roses. 50k

A view of a tidal creek in South Carolina from a 60' tower. 45k


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