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  First, we discuss your needs. What a computer system, custom software and/or an Internet Web site can do for you. Some possible solutions and possibilities with computers, software, etc. Where are you now and where will you be in five years. This initial conversation is free of any charge or obligation. Everything after this is billable services. 

Second, you have decided that we can work together creating a computer or Internet solution. This project could be anything from a complete system to writing custom software specific to your needs. If you have a preferred hardware supplier, Practical Systems will work with them, or we can handle the hardware purchases.

Some cost estimates will be worked up at this time. This is based on the original design we come up with. As the project proceeds and you see the possibilities, you will come up with additional ideas.

Third, planning, design and specifications. Write the software, make the graphics, write the pages, install, train and support.

Sounds simple? Well, actually it's not. (surprised?) There will be problems and mistakes made by both of us. Anybody telling you they can reorganize (computerize) a company without "challenges" might be truth impaired.

We have been taming computers since 1981. Our experience makes things go smoothly.

We have done jobs ranging from $250.00 to $170,000.00.

Most things are done via internet connection. This saves you development costs and gives you instant support when needed. Training is done interactively by linking the computers together.

  What this will cost.

Practical Systems bills weekly, by the hour in 15 minute increments.

Call for information.

  If you want to see what we can do, give us a call and we'll do a small job together. Then you'll know we can do the work.

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