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  How computers became my prime directive

In 1981 I was working for the largest cosmetics manufacturer in the world, designing and programming conveyor control systems. They bought some of these new fangled IBM PCs.

Wow, were they incredible, 256k memory and two 360k floppies for storage!! And they only cost $6,500.00!! We were overwhelmed with this incredible amount of memory and storage! :-)

Since I programmed the conveyor systems, it was decided I should learn how to write the code for the applications. It didn't take long for users to come up with productivity enhancing applications that had to be written. It was a dramatic change in almost every department. How had we ever gotten by without these computers?

Well, needless to say, I have been making computers do what people want them to do for over 29 years now.

And loving it.


  Philosophy of business relationships

Our philosophy is that computers are productivity enhancing tools. Every situation must be analyzed to decide if there is a measurable payback to investing in custom programming and / or system additions and changes.

Custom programming exists because you can not get everything you need "off the shelf". Almost all businesses have their own way of doing things. If the "store bought" software only does 70 percent of what you need and you have to do the rest manually it's costing you money.

Instead of hiring more people, increase the efficiency of your office.  The increased salary costs you forever, the software you pay for once.

We will always approach the situation from the maximum gain realized by our clients. We will not push for the maximum work for us on a project, after all, we are looking for a long term, mutually beneficial relationship.


  Changes, changes

The entire computer industry, hardware and software, changes continuously. Twenty to thirty percent of my time every week is spent keeping up with the changes in the industry and learning the new capabilities available.  Continuing the education process has kept Practical Systems up-to-date in providing the best solutions to the business community. We take it very seriously.

On the other side of the coin, changes happen to every business. Adaptability and quick turn around is important. This is the 2000s, you must be able to adapt to different demands quickly to compete in the market.

Extensive experience with manufacturing, inventory control, importing, insurance, leasing,  distribution, construction, job costing and car sales allows Practical Systems to have proven solutions for your office management challenges.

A large collection of core modules help us build substantially more powerful applications for your programming dollar.

Visual Foxpro is our development language of choice, but we are experienced with others.


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